I No Longer Work for Apologia Educational Ministries

In June of 2008, I sold Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc. to Davis Carman. Since then, I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the new direction Apologia is taking, as well as the vision of its new owner. As a result, I resigned from Apologia today.

I did not make this decision lightly. It involved many, many hours of prayer, deep discussions with Kathleen (my wife), lots of consultation with homeschooling leaders I respect and admire, and several discussions with my Christian role models. In the end, it truly boiled down to the fact that I cannot continue to work for a company that is opposed to many of the Christian values that I hold dear.

Please don’t take this as a blanket denunciation of Apologia. Obviously, I still like a lot of their products, including the books that I wrote (surprise, surprise). I just cannot support its new direction or the vision of its new owner.

Please note that while I am leaving Apologia for good, I am certainly not leaving the home education community. I will continue to speak at conferences and other homeschooling venues, and I will blog about homeschooling from time to time. I will also be working on a product line that will hopefully make the lives of homeschooling parents a bit easier. I hope to launch that product line in three years.

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  1. My son and I used “Exploring Creation with Biology” (Second Edition)in our home school. One night we had our Boy Scout troop meeting at my house. The public-schooled boys were saying their teacher was teaching them evolution, but they didn’t believe him. I turned to page 150 in your book and showed them the schematic representation of ribonuclease. I shared with them the statistical impossibility of each amino acid by random chance being in the particular order that they are. The boys were smiling and nodding their heads when I was done with my mini-lecture.

    Thank you for the ammunition that I know helped counter one of the biggest lies public schools call truth, namely, evolution. Your work lives on, changing one life at a time.–Debbie

  2. Dr. Wile,

    Thank you for following your convictions. We are a homeschooling family of nine and have been blessed by your books. Many times I have referenced your site with regards to many issues and I appreciate your candor.
    May God bless you as you continue to follow His will.

  3. This comment is in regards to doing “Due Diligence” in researching business/ministry deals–

    I believe Dr. Wile made the best decision, the most godly decision, he could with the information that he had when he sold the company. He probably researched, prayed, sought counsel. Sometimes there is something we see, in hindsight, that we could have done differently but that is easier to see after the fact. Things are not always as they appear and things change with time (unlike God, praise His name!).

    We must trust God even when things turn out, or maybe especially when they turn out, differently than we thought. His ways are mysterious.

    We, as Christian homeschoolers, must be diligent in prayer for Christian authors who write excellent curriculum that upholds His truth. I believe that Satan would want to undermine their efforts just as he delighted in removing the teaching of Scripture in public schools. Let us pray that God will strengthen and protect the authors.

    Thank you, Dr. Wile, for standing for your biblical convictions. May you see God’s blessings as you honor Him and see what He does now.

    1. Carolyn, thank you for your insightful words. I have spent a lot of time wondering if I could have done more to see this coming. I certainly THOUGHT I was following the Lord at the time I made the sale. Of course, now that all this has happened, I think there must have been something I missed. However, you are correct. His ways are mysterious, and we must simply trust Him.

  4. After so many years!! My very first encounter with your curriculum was Chemistry. In a zip loc bag. THAT is how long I’ve used your curriculum. Though no longer homeschooling, I continued to use your curriculum, and appreciated your return phone calls when stumped on ‘easy’ Chemistry problems! I did not read all of the comments, yet, knowing that this was ‘your’ choice, along with your wife’s taken before the Lord – Praying the Lord bless your future works!

  5. The post above stated: “In the end, it truly boiled down to the fact that I cannot continue to work for a company that is opposed to many of the Christian values that I hold dear.”

    At the first reading it did sound as though the company was now anti-Christian. I realize now that you’ve elaborated in the comments section your Christian values are simply different, but it definitely came across as a negative remark toward the company as it now stands. I was quite alarmed! I’m thankful that isn’t the case!
    We used Apologia for our two oldest children (now graduates) and will be using for our younger children as well. We love the products!

    We have dear friends who are Calvinists and dear friends who are not. I don’t claim to know all there is about the mind of God, and if He chose us, or we chose Him, we are IN Him and agree that salvation comes through Him alone. I feel like saying with Paul, “Is Christ divided?” I don’t believe the different views of election or free will need to be in conflict with one another. It seems when prideful arrogance on either side begins to forsake the weightier matter of love is when things fall apart and the body of Christ is divided.

    It seems that the diversity in this one subject alone reminds us we are not God who has perfect understanding! In a way I’m very sad you are leaving the company. Having the diversity in even that one area could add such fullness to the curriculum itself.

    I hope your future endeavors are a blessing to you and your family and that God continues to use your gift for His glory, and even though your business relationship has come to an end I hope you and Mr. Carman remain steadfast brothers in Christ.

  6. Please be more specific. What is so wrong that he is doing? Are the books being corrupted? How? Why did you sell your company to this man? Did you check it out first and pray about selling it, if so how did you make such a mistake? Are the books teaching anti-biblical thoughts? Please give specifics! We have invested in a great deal of money with these science courses, so should we just dump them all?

    1. Donna, it would not be fair for me to be more specific without Mr. Carman being a part of the discussion as well. His vision is just incompatible with mine. Thus, I had to leave. I have no idea how I made such a mistake. I truly thought the Lord was leading me to sell to him. Now I see it as the worst mistake I have ever made in my life. However, as Carolyn says, we must trust that He will work it all out in the end.

      As long as my name remains on my science books, they have not been changed in any substantive way, so there is certainly no reason to dump them.

  7. Dr. Wile, I’ve had the privilege of attending your seminars whenever you’ve spoken at the CHAP conventions in Pennsylvania, and I’ve always felt more informed as well as blessed by your teachings.

    I’m sure it was no small decision to resign your position with Apologia, but if you are following the Lord’s leading on this, then you can be sure of having peace with it. I (and many, many others, I’m sure) respect you all the more for standing true to your beliefs.

    I eagerly look forward to your next venture, and will pray that you and your wife experience all the wonderful blessings God has in your future! — Lynda

  8. Mr Wile,
    I am trying to understand what has happened. We have used your books from general science all the way to advanced bio and are now on our third child using Apologia.
    Last year we did Chemistry through Apologia Academy with Mr. Hughes , and had no issues.
    So is my understanding correct that the issue you have is that the new owner adheres to Calvinism and you yourself adhere to more Armenian beliefs? Also you mentioned that the new owners believe in a “young-earth” view. Do you not adhere to the young earth view?
    I will be honest and tell you that I have no interest in the company’s bible, theology, or world view texts. We use the Bible, or curricula that is published by companies that we know share are doctrinal views. So is it safe to assume the science texts are still okay? Also since we actually hold to a more Calvinistic doctrinal stance anyway,and believe in a young earth and literal 7 day creation, is it safe to assume Apologia Academy is still safe for a family such as ours?
    I am just trying to ascertain if the problems you have with the new owners are purely differing doctrinal views, or if you feel they are somehow more worldly? The former would not be a problem for us, the later most definitely would.

    1. Cheryl, I am sorry that my reply to your comment did not show up. Let me retype it. I am an Arminianist, but it doesn’t bother me that the owners are Calvinists. What bothers me is the vision. Their vision for how to instill Biblical values in students is simply incompatible with mine. Also, I am a young-earther, but I don’t see that as a necessary interpretation of Genesis.

      You certainly don’t have to worry about Apologia being too worldly under the new owners.

  9. Dr. Wile, I noticed your comment about the Answers in Genesis link – you mention that their “theology leaves a lot to be desired.” What do you mean when you say this?

    Katherine Kubicek
    Home Educator
    Batesville, Indiana

    1. Katherine, thanks for your comment. I have a problem with the idea that the only proper interpretation of Genesis is a young-earth interpretation. I am a young-earth creationist, but I don’t think it is necessary to read the Bible that way.

  10. Dr. Wile, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent books. We started homeschooling two years ago when my daughter entered the 9th grade and I was immediately told by experienced homeschool moms, “For science, you want Apologia.” Period. End of discussion. They were absolutely right! Not only did my daughter learn from your Biology & Chemistry curriculum, but I fell in love with science for the first time in my life. I am so saddened about the unhappy turn of events for you. But we will be praying for you. I went through a very bitter time about ten years ago, being betrayed by friends and family – over money and other ridiculous motives – and it took me about a year to really forgive them. And I would never, ever volunteer for that, but I actually walked out of that experience closer to God than ever before. Before that happned, He was “Father”, after I went through that, He was “Daddy!” I will pray for you as I know others were praying for me. In Christ,Leslie

  11. Dr. Wile,

    This is the first I’ve heard of any of this. Before today, I didn’t know you had a blog! I just wanted to say that my husband uses your books to teach our high school daughter. Last year, they used Biology. This year, they are using Chemistry. It has been a huge blessing. So, THANK YOU!

    Now, as to this “controversy,” I know how difficult it is to convey one’s heart without saying too much (even in person), so you’ll find no condemnation here. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

    In Him,

  12. I am very disheartened that almost every post has been in support of your “courageous decision,” and no one even knows the whole story. Your science curriculum is great and a great tool for homeschoolers. But in all these posts, how can everyone not even question that you did the right thing and Apologia did the wrong thing??

    I know the Carmans, and some of the details behind this situation, and it is amazing people assume that the Carmans are acting “unChristian” or that Apologia is going AWAY from Christian values. Quite the contrary.

    As far as worldview, it is possible to TEACH it while you live it out, model it, and discuss it. No, nothing scriptual should be a “subject” without it being part of life. But that doesn’t mean teaching or using a worldview curriculum is bad.

    By the way you announced this and your ensuing comments, it could cause division amongst the homeschool community and possibly hurt the new Apologia ministry in the future. I say possibly, because I pray the truth will come out and the Lord will bless Apologia/the Carmans for following their Christian and Biblical convictions.

    Where is the Carman’s position? Oh, yeah, they’re taking the high road. They are trying to act as Jesus acted when He was misunderstood and falsely accused. If everyone heard the facts of what led to this, they wouldn’t be so quick to support/applaud your “courageous” decision. There is definitely room for disagreement amongst Christians, but you aren’t acting very Christian by benefiting monetarily from selling your company and then thwarting their potential future.

    1. Barb, I am sorry that you are disheartened by the comments here and are disappointed by the way I have announced my departure. I do not want to cause any division among homeschoolers, but the division was already occurring. I have spoken to homeschoolers who bought things from Apologia assuming I endorsed them, and I do not. This upset both them and me. Thus, leaving was the right thing to do, and announcing my departure was the right thing to do. Now people know that the Carmans are setting the vision for the company, not me. This is good for both me and the Carmans.

      I am appalled by your claim that I benefited monetarily and am now trying to thwart the Caramans. In fact, as I have mentioned previously, my financial future is still linked to Apologia, even though I do not agree with its new direction. Thus, it would be stupid of me to try to thwart the Carmans. Indeed, I am doing quite the opposite. I am making it clear that what Apologia does from now on is completely the result of their vision. Thus, they will now receive full credit for anything Apologia does.

      It is unfortunate that you read something into a statement and then falsely accused me. However, I forgive you.

  13. Dear Dr. Wile,

    You have blessed us in so many ways! My son is about 2/3 done with General Science, and really loves the curriculum. He especially appreciates that you expect him to think for himself, that you present both sides of issues, that you reveal your bias, and that you present the problems with your views as well as with the opposition’s–all within a very interesting curriculum!

    You signed his book at the Northern Illinois Regional Science Fair, and that had a huge impact on him. He started applying himself more, said he was going to take more notes and write more in response to the questions, and he has!

    I’ve heard you speak several times (at Apache, NIRSF, and our local group) and have been encouraged to keep going when we hit some rough patches and I wondered if I really had what it takes to homeschool the higher grades (and dare I say especially science, which has never been my strong suit?! I was an English major!). I can learn with my kids though. Thanks.

    I’m sorry that this business deal didn’t turn out the way you wanted, and for the loss you are experiencing. What a difficult trial to go through. May the Lord hold you up.

    I can’t wait to hear the unveiling of your new endeavor! In Christ, Merry

  14. Dr. Wile: My, it seems your announcement has taken on a life of its own among the home school community. One of my friends on Facebook just posted it, and that’s how I came here. I’ll not be passing it on, however, because I feel that more public airing will damage Apologia’s new owners’ reputation while also making you appear vengeful and petty.

    I can see both sides of this. If Barnabas and Paul had been bloggers, Acts 15:39’s “they had such a sharp disagreement that they parted company” might have morphed into an entire book of the Bible due to the rehashing of wrongs committed. As it was, they both continued to witness for Christ and be effective in His kingdom. Paul even saw something Barnabas’ way later on.

    I know you feel you made a huge mistake in selling, but it’s done. Let God work in this and you will learn much about Who is really in control. This same thing has happened to my husband and me and a music company we owned years ago! I pray this for you and for the new owners of Apologia, that you will, despite your very sharp disagreement within the Christian faith, keep your eyes on Him and not let the enemy get a toehold.

    Thank you, brother, for all you have done to help us Christian homeschoolers teach science. May He continue to bless you!

  15. My 1st thought was that the evolutionists & atheists are gonna have a hayday with this; 2nd thought was why in the world would you trust your ‘brand’ name with ANYONE with such differing views; 3rd thought was why not seek counsel before making a public statement on precisely what to say, how to word every little detail. Christians in the public eye MUST take every possible step so that our ‘good would not be spoken evil of’. Now is time for damage control. There are those who would LOVE to take down ANY Christian company, especially those in the education field…and a SCIENCE TEXT? I can hear them now, “They can’t even agree amongst themselves on their so-called creation science.”

    I would suggest that before this gets out of hand, if there is any possible way, for both new and former owner to make a public statement together taking Paul & Barnabas’ example of parting ways. I pray for the peace of all involved, the homeschooling movement to be granted favor by God and not be damaged, & for God to be glorified in this matter.

    Thank you for your years of work and continued work. My children have used the Exporling Creation series and loved it. I pray others will continue to be blessed by it.

    1. Thank you for your comment, laryssa5, but you are really jumping to conclusions. I seriously doubt that evolutionists will care about the business details of one homeschooling company. Even if they do, it simply illustrates that Christians make mistakes, like everyone else. I did a lot of investigation, prayer, and discussion with other Christians about the sale, and I thought it was a good thing. In addition, I did, indeed, have counsel regarding the public statement. Thank you for your prayers.

  16. Thank you Dr. Wile! I could not have made it through teaching the sciences, especially high school years, without your books! I’m praying for God to give you clear vision and peace about your next steps.

  17. Dr. Wile,

    May I still email you with chemistry questions? If yes, can you please send me an email address to use?

  18. It is wonderful seeing someone stand up for their beliefs. Good job! I am a Catholic homeschooler and like one of the previous posters, have appreciated your philosophy of students developing their own worldview. My question – I had just begun looking into the Red Wagon Tutorial by Steve Rosenoff. Do you still endorse these?

    1. Thank you for your comment, Charlotte. I think Steve Rosenoff is one of the most talented teachers with whom I have ever worked., and I strongly endorse his company, Red Wagon Tutorials. He also left Apologia.

  19. Hello Dr. Wile,

    We are not at the age where either of our children are ready to use your Junior or Senior High School Sciences. However, I have been looking forward to it for quite some time now 🙂 Our children are only now 11yo and 9yo. Our daughter in particular LOVES science.

    She will be ready for General Science in another year or so. Will those books remain as you have written them? I am assuming that since you wrote them that a new company owner cannot change the content of your books. Am I assuming correctly? Or should I be thinking about how to get ahold of your books now for use later.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Annie. Your question is a popular one. The owners can change the content of my books, but they will have to remove my name if they do so. Thus, you can be confident that the books with my name on them reflect my vision and views.

  20. God bless you! I know this has been a difficult time for you, but I also KNOW that GOD is bigger than ANY circumstance in our lives and He WILL bring about good through this. Can’t wait to see your new products! Thank you for what you have done, what you ARE doing and what you WILL DO!

    1. Joyce, thanks so much for taking time to read and comment. Also, thank you so much for all that you have done for homeschoolers. You have been a blessing to me and many others!

  21. Thank you so very much for responding to my question.

    Like other posters, I too am very grateful for the work that you have done, for the time you have taken to respond and express your postion, and to read and respond to each comment left.

    We too will lift you up in prayer. May God’s blessing and favour be with you and your family, and may He continue to bless the work that you do 🙂

  22. Dear Dr. Wile,
    Hello. We are using your General Science this year. Would you please clear up two questions. First, how old do you believe the Earth is? Second, do you believe the Earth (and living beings) were created in 6 literal days?

    Thank you!
    Many blessings,

    1. Lisa, thanks for your comment. In answer to your questions, I think the earth is probably about 10,000 years old, and I do think that everything was made in six 24-hour days. However, I do not believe that is the only possible literal interpretation of Scripture.

  23. This is the first I am hearing of this. Dr. Wile, would it be appropriate for you to just post your belief and yourvision or direction without mentioning what the companies new owner’s direction is. I will also ask this of them. That way you are getting out how you wrote the books and the beliefs you wrote on without saying anything about their visions.

    By the way we have several of your science texts as well as the Fulbright books and my children have enjoyed them all.

    Thank you for your years of service at Apologia!

    1. Thanks for your comment, ginger. My main goal with Apologia was to promote Christian scholarship. The very nature of scholarship, however, is exploration. Thus, I tried not to tell students what to think. Instead, I tried to get them to explore issues and come to their own conclusions. With that in mind, I wrote the books so that students would learn many views on scientific issues and the facts that surround those views. I honestly think that one reason my courses are so popular among students is because of this approach.

  24. I must take a moment to address some statements made by Barb. She said:
    “By the way you announced this and your ensuing comments, it could cause division amongst the homeschool community and possibly hurt the new Apologia ministry in the future.”

    Barb, isn’t it possible that the way you phrased your post could also cause division and harm any of Dr. Wile’s future endeavors? I’ve never been impressed when someone makes a comment that implies that they have some sort of secret or privileged knowledge about a situation. If that’s the case, then good for you. But since you do not plan to share those details with the public (I’m not saying you should), what is the point in mentioning it other than for purposes of division? Since you are not one of the parties directly involved with this (Wile or Carman), then it’s not your place to mention that you have any details at all. It’s a given that Dr. Wile has details as well as the Carman family. If either of them mentioned that fact, they would merely be stating the obvious. Yet for anyone else to drop a “if you only knew what I know” comment is inflammatory in the least.

    I do not think the original statement that Dr. Wile made was inappropriate. He has not said one negative thing about the Carman family personally. All he has said is that their vision for the company is different than his. As for the Carmans taking the “high road”, do you not understand that Dr. Wile had to make a statement that he was leaving Apologia? As he pointed out, in many people’s minds, he is Apologia. It is for the benefit of himself as well as the Carman family that he made the announcement that he was leaving. Now customers can be armed with the information that the company no longer has the same vision and direction that it once had. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a bad vision, but rather that it’s a different one. Since Dr. Wile is in the public eye and his name is attached to the curriculum he wrote, people expect him to provide the public with some sort of explanation and I think that’s all he’s trying to do.

    By stating that the Carmans are taking the “high road” (even going so far as to compare what they’re experiencing with the persecution of Jesus himself), you are implying that Dr. Wile is taking the low road. What road does that mean you are taking? The Carman family aren’t the ones leaving the company so they are not looked to by consumers to explain their absence. Frankly, the post made to the news section on the Apologia website is rather brief. They made mention of the fact that they thanked God for the curriculum Dr. Wile wrote but they noticeably didn’t thank God for the man himself nor for his founding of the company they now own. They are currently benefiting from his years of hard work and success. I would think that might be a “high road”. They did not say that they wish him well- perhaps that might also be considered a “high road”.

    Dr. Wile has stated that he does not discourage anyone from using Apologia and that includes the “What We Believe” series. In fact, before you made the statements to defend the fact that a worldview can be taught and modeled at the same time, you would have done well to have fully read his stand on the issue. All he said is that he personally prefers to teach the worldview through modeling it and teaching a young person how to critically think for himself or herself. He never said that it would be wrong to teach a worldview using a curriculum, he just said that he personally chooses a different approach.

    Finally, I think that perhaps too much focus has been placed on the “What We Believe” series as well as on the Calvinism “debate”. Dr. Wile has stated that although the curriculum did play a part, it is not the only reason he is leaving. Dr. Wile was asked a direct question regarding whether he supported that curriculum and he answered honestly that he personally does not endorse it but he doesn’t discourage others from buying it. I think that demonstrates a lack of “low road” behavior. He has shared that he bathed this decision in prayer as well as sought godly counsel so I’m not sure why some are saying negative things toward him in that regard. I must also point out to Barb as well as those who are critical of the support given here to Dr. Wile the fact that this is Dr. Wile’s blog and most of us are merely wishing him well and voicing that we are praying for him and his family. We have not turned this into a forum for Carman bashing. People are not making posts stating that the Carmans are horrible people, in fact, I believe that many on here probably wish them well and do not desire to see their company fail. Since this is Dr. Wile’s blog, it stands to reason that the focus may be a bit slanted toward him.


  25. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I often go to the apologia website, so I appreciate knowing that you are no longer taking an active role. We use only your books for high school science and will continue to do so. I will bookmark this site so I know where to keep updated. Thank you for all that you do. You will be in our prayers through this difficult time and as God reveals what amazing plans he has for your future. God Bless.

  26. I am just looking into homeschool science and am new to Aplogia, old or new series/editions. Would the writings/books of Dr. Hugh Ross be an opposing/different viewpoint than the texts available through Apologia? Thank you.

    1. Polly, the works of Dr. Ross would be an opposing viewpoint compared to Apologia products, even my books. Honestly, however, books by C.S. Lewis, Norman Geisler, and Gleason Archer would be opposing viewpoints to the new material being produced by Apologia.

  27. how do you feel about the apologetics class offered by apologia academy? we were thinking about enrolling our ninth grader. i am a bit concerned now. is it vision or theology that is so far off?

    1. Wolbi5, thanks for your comment. I don’t really know anything about the apologetics course offered by Apologia Academy, so I am afraid I can’t help you much there. Please note that it is not just a theological issue between me and Apologia. It is really a question of vision. Their vision just isn’t compatible with mine.

  28. I so appreciate your comment that the particular view of a young-earth is not the only possible literal interpretation of Scripture. There are very doctrinally sound believers who would differ.

  29. Dr. Wile,

    First I would like to thank you, despite some of the negative comments about the potential negative effects of this announcenment, there are positives. For one, I have been looking into purchasing this curriculum BECAUSE it is an Apologia curriculum. But I knew that you did not write it, also that you no longer ran the company, so I hesitated in order to investigate. I appreciate the information!

    Any Christian should understand that there are many views and interpretations of the Bible, and ought to have enough sense to understand that you and the Carmens may not agree on everything. I myself am somewhat confused about what the many Bible interpretations alone; one person can read three different versions and get something different out of each. As if that’s not bad enough, three persons can read the same version and interpret it differently.

    I am all for each person reading, praying, and meditating on God and learning for himself what God is saying. Not simply trusting and accepting what someone else “in authority” may say. I want the same for my children. I want them to think for themselves and I thank you for your science curriculum that teaches them how to learn! They are better people for it.

    As far as your selling the company, I think it is a mistake for you to say it was a mistake. If you prayerfully considered it and felt the Lord leading you to sell it to the Carmens, then He knows the ultimate outcome and it is according to His will.

    Because we are human and we have a limited life-span, you could not have remained as the head of the company forever. Because you have been able to see the direction the company has taken, and share your viewpoint, and in that allow us to make a more informed decision about what we expose our children to, you may have served a greater purpose than any of us will ever know.

    Because you say you have made your decisions prayerfully and carefully, I believe you and thank you for that.

    We will continue to use your science curriculums.

    That being said, I have attended your “Teaching High School at Home” seminar(as well as others)and would like to know what you recommend for apologetics.

    Thank you for your time and your legacy.

    May God bless you (and your family) in this,

    1. Misti, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate your comment that it is a mistake to call the sale a mistake. However, I will have to disagree with you. As I look back, I can see what were (from this perspective) very clear signs that God was probably using to tell me not to sell. Unfortunately, I did not recognize them for what they were.

      In answer to your question, my favorite apologetics books are:

      The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus by Lee Strobel

      Why I Am a Christian: Leading Thinkers Explain Why They Believe by Norman L. Geisler

      Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics by William Lane Craig

      I also like

      Reasonable Faith: The Scientific Case for Christianity by Jay Wile

      but the author leaves a lot to be desired. 🙂

  30. Dr. Wile, and other readers,
    I want to comment that because I have known the Carmans and have worked with them in homeschool pursuits, I am certain that Davis and Rachael would put as their first priority honoring the Lord in their words and actions. This would include business relationships and new ventures. I pray that all involved in this apparent dispute would find the grace to be at peace with each other. May the resolution of this public discussion be one that honors the Lord through a maturity and humility.

    1. Kate and Rev. Chris, thank you for your comments regarding the Carmans. While I cannot work for a company in which they set the vision, I have never doubted their desire to serve the Lord.

  31. As a Christian community, are we really willing to commit so much time to “he said, she said”? Life is as a vapor and we live in a lost and dying world. There are people all around us who need to see the love of Christ. In the meantime, we sit and argue on the methodology of teaching and the points of Calvinism vs. Arminianism.

    Frankly, ANY text we use to teach our daughter will be tested against scripture. Other than rallying the troops, it is difficult to see the positive in this post. Gossip is gossip whether it is veiled with innuendo or camouflaged with a “pray for them” tone…

    Can’t really see where this blog post fits in to Matthew 18:15-17… ?

    1. James, thank you for your comment. You do not know the details of the situation, so it is not surprising that you “Can’t really see where this blog post fits in to Matthew 18:15-17.” However, it most certainly does.

  32. I’ve got to tell ya, Satan just laughs at how Christians draw lines and take side over non-essentials. Truly, Jesus was right about straining gnats and swallowing camels. From what I’m reading Jay is saying, “There is a camel problem at Apologia.” Their philosophy and approach has changed. Everyone else is pickin’ at gnats: issues.

    Jay, I know it must have been hard. It must have been very close to a divorce in pain. You’re in my prayers.

  33. Thank you so much for you honesty in spelling out what some of the challenges were. It helps me understand what is going on.

    I am very sorry that you are having to go through this.

    We have LOVED your books, and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED hearing you speak about homeschooling high schoolers at the CHEC convention in Denver last year–you were challenging, encouraging, and insightful!

    Thank you, for your dedicated work on behalf of homeschoolers!

  34. Dr Wile, I will always be grateful for your willingness to discuss curriculum with me at a homeschool convention, and for taking the trouble to answer an email question that was totally unrelated to your books, but settled a worried mother’s heart.

    It is difficult to start a company with a certain vision burning in your heart and then to hand the reins over to another, only to see the vision change. It happened to an organisation I was a part of years ago, and it was not an easy road to walk through. It is neither your fault, nor the Carman’s, that your visions are incompatible. These things happen, and I think you have handled it admirably.

    I will pray for you, as you venture into your new project.
    As one door closes, I pray that you will not be discouraged, or feel a sense of loss, but that you will embrace the new path that God is laying out before you. He is faithful to accomplish so much more than we can ask or think. 🙂

  35. I regret that you have left Apologia, Dr. Wile. Your creation science textbooks certainly set the standard for teaching science in the homeschool community. Your work will leave its mark on the next generation.

    And it is the world this next generation inherits that makes it critical to understand not only the “whats” of science but the “whys” behind it. There is such an intense assault on the minds of the next generation that it requires us as believers to give an answer to the hope entrusted to us. Without the “whys” behind what we believe, there is no defense against the seduction of worldviews that will easily consume the budding faith of even those who seem strongest now. Without the intellectual latticework a proper, comprehensive, and robust Christian worldview to help our students navigate the intellectual waters that challenge our faith when life becomes difficult, all our groundwork that we’ve laid in the sciences will be for naught. Davis Carman’s vison for including a division on Bible, Worldviews, and Apologetics addresses this concern directly.

    I have known Rachael and Davis Carman for four years and suffered with them in prayer and tears through difficult life circumstances. What I came to know about them was that they were a couple who humbled themselves before the Lord and the eyes of their watching children to accept whatever might come from His hand. I have seen them seek to praise and thank the Lord with their closest friends even when the storms of life raged down upon them. And, honestly, I have never known a family who shines with the light of the Lord as brightly as the Carman family does. Their character, which stems from their father’s yielded guidance, is beyond reproach and evident to all. Because I have served with him in the tough times, seen his character when tested, heard his heart, and labored with iim in prayer, I have no doubt that Davis is not only a capable leader but full of integrity. Because of this, I know that Apologia rests in very good hands.

    I wish you all the best, Dr. Wile, and I hope that your coming products make at least as much of an impact in the homeschooling community as those you have developed so far. I understand you may have differences with Davis on the inclusion of a worldview division taking a classical approach to apologetics, and that’s fine. But I just wanted it said just how upright the present head of Apologia is and how much his vision is respected simply because it comes from him.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mike. I have never doubted the Carmans’ desire to serve the Lord. Their vision on how to do that with Apologia, however, is simply incompatible with mine.

  36. Dr. Wile,

    It is unfortunate that your resignation and blog have brought about confusion.

    My hope is simply to provide (very briefly) some information about Davis and Rachael Carmen.

    As their pastor, I am thankful for their public testimony and servant leadership in our church. They lead a successful Sunday morning Bible Study that has had a positive impact on our people.

    As a homeschool parent, I am thankful for their leadership in our state (North Carolina) and their leadership in the co-op in our community. We have been fortunate to be a “test site” for the “Walk Through the Bible” curriculum and have been blessed to have Rachael teach the “What We Believe” series to our children.

    As a friend, I am thankful for their encouragement and for the example of their family. The Christian values of the Carman family are Biblical values which have been taught and are easily seen in the lives of their children; Charles, Anderson, Savannah Anne, Molly, Elizabeth, Joseph and Benjamin.

    I would recommend anyone with questions about the Carman family and the direction of Apologia to read:

    Chris Justice

  37. I (Steve) guess it is my turn to weigh in on this discussion. I have known Jay Wile for eight years as a boss, a mentor, and a friend. He has never lied to me or concealed anything. He has always been forthright in his dealings and often trusting to a fault. At times we have butted heads, but we always resolved the dispute as Christian brothers. He goes out of his way do live out a Christian witness, not just expound his personal theological beliefs. I would trust Jay Wile with my life, my family, and covet his council. He is a good and decent man.

    I would also like to point out that Red Wagon Tutorials has a ministry separate from Apologia’s. Apologia Educational Ministries and RWT have a contractual business relationship only at this time. We (RWT) produce a series of products and, under the terms of the contract, Apologia promotes, markets, and sells our products. They are our publisher. RWT pays Apologia a royalty for the services it provides. We retain control of RWT’s message.

    Regarding our leaving Apologia: My wife and I felt led into full time ministry pastoring RWT. As both Dr. Wile and Mr. Carman are aware, we had been planning to leave Apologia even before the sale of the company was final. We stayed to help birth Apologia Academy and to grow RWT into a stable ministry capable of supporting God’s purpose. Our leaving this last spring was ordained by God. We will be teaching Creation science through our live-feed, online recorded, and DVD programs to over 1000 students this next year. In addition to our for-profit educational services and products, we also are providing free DVD’s to missionaries in forty-four nations and free Apologia textbooks from our profits to those serving overseas as the Lord enables. We are fulfilling the ministry entrusted to us. God’s purpose in our leaving is evident.

  38. Dr. Wile,
    I join with many others in saying thank you for your vision in developing science curricula for the home school community.
    Our family has used Apologia curricula since 1993 or 94. We are still using some of the editions that came in 3 ring binders. It’s amazing to see what has developed over the years and the ministry that Apologia has had for home school families across the nation. Now my grandchildren will be using your materials from our library.
    Thanks much for following the Lord and setting an example of diligence to your calling.
    The first time you spoke in the metro Detroit area, we had a small group of moms that were just starting into high school with our children. Those students went on to graduate from high school and college and are now homeschooling their children. You encouraged us and gave us direction and then, gave us the tools to pursue our goals.
    Many blessings!

    1. K. Holcomb, I remember you well. In fact, I started by typing your full first name. Thanks for all the support you have given over the years!

  39. Dr. Wile, I was distressed to hear of your leaving Apologia, but I understand. I have been concerned that the core vision had seemingly been abandoned. I have seen first hand, how “diversifying” can radically change an organization. Oftentimes, this is to it’s detriment. I pray that the Carman’s succeed in this, but am saddened to see the emphasis on the Science Curriculum being drastically diminished. I noted this when I received my first Apologia World newsletter. Dr. Wile, your “Exploring Creation” Science series is simply the best science curriculum on the market and we plan on using it throughout our children’s (and hopefully, grandchildren’s) homeschool careers! God bless you, Dr. Wile and thank you for developing such a wonderful series!

  40. Dear Dr. Wile, We have always made choices based on what our interpretation of the Bible is. As the Lord grows us each moment of the day our interpretation is continually subject to change. When we stay open in God’s word and spirit then we can be open to growth/change/transformation. I believe that both Wile and Carem have made great effort to be open to change. Through their reading of the word you can see the edification in their lives. It is expected that when there is any change of ownership in a company or corporation such as a buyout – a significant party/VIP leader/former owner and even founder will depart. It happens all of the time on the business side of our culture. Just read the Wall Street Journal. I am all 4 equipping our offspring to defend the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in all 4 corners of the earth. We must develop them to have skill sets to embrace the wickedness around them without becoming wicked. You have to mix and mingle with folks out there who do not know Jesus in order to preach/teach or DEMONSTRATE his love and mercy for us. In fact, we are instructed to LOVE everyone.
    Yes this is a huge trial that seems to last until eternity. A Christian’s trials define what true Joy should be. I am the last well trained apologist on earth but am a lover of Jesus and his humble life example. I copy scripture from the bible and take many notes but memorization has not been too easy for me. God works in many and various ways. Teaching about True Science also can be conveyed and interpreted in many ways. We must educate under the banner of truth no matter what or the wickedness of atheistic theory will begin to sprinkle itself into a truth system
    then what’s next? In God’s Peace, Kimber D.

  41. Dr. Wile,
    I am very sorry to hear about this “seperation.” How hard it is to live in this fallen world! My sons and I have been blessed by your science curriculum and I will continue to buy it (3 more to go!) as long as it remains the high quality material that it has been so far.

    What I really wanted to comment on was your regret in selling Apologia. I have learned in my 30 plus years of following Christ that there are no “if only’s” in God’s view. If there was sin, repent of it and move on. Nothing we do by mistake or bad choice can ever undo either God’s plan for this earth, or for us individually.
    I have just gone through a bitter couple of years in mourning and questioning my choices. Those choices were not choices that were obvious sin, in fact they would likely be seen as very godly ones. But they have lead to much pain and suffering for myself, and what is even harder: for my children, causing me to question whether I heard God correctly when I made those decisions. Yet, as I have come through to the other side I have seen that God is bigger than my choices – good or bad- and my regrets, and I feel called to trust Him on an even deeper level – namely, that he can use my failings, all the things that in my eyes look like total losses and failure. He isn’t as concerned with the “sucess” of my plans and goals in this life – even those that are godly and striving for the best – as He is in shaping me for the life to come. I have always believed this with my head, but to believe it when in my eyes everything seems to be turning evil and hurting, that is a harder thing.
    Plese be encouraged. God has done a mighty thing through this curriculum He has enabled you to write, and He has even greater things in store. Please be encouraged and don’t waste your time (as I did!) in regret. Trust God, He is willng and able to do far more than we think or imagine!

    1. IbuCathy, thank you so much for your encouraging comment. I really don’t want to live in regret of the mistake I made. I just want to move on, confident that I can learn from this mistake and draw closer to Him.

  42. Dr. Wile,

    You provided great encouragement to me as a homeschool mom and I will always appreciate the time you spent with my son discussing science at the Modesto Valley Home Educators Conference a few years back. Honestly, I was saddened when I first learned that you had sold Apologia and was not thrilled with the direction it had decided to take. Though I don’t think it was the intent of the company to commercialize homeschooling, I just felt like they took the “home” out of schooling. I believe in your philosophy of co-learning with one’s children and I feel like there may have been a slight departure of that philosophy by the current owners of Apologia. As a homeschooler, I believe the sole responsibility is mine to educate my children and that Charter Schools and the like are poor imposters to home education and undermine a parent’s confidence and abilities to teach their children. I know that I may have bruised the feelings of some folks with my statement but I make no apologies for what I believe because I believe that the Socialization of our nation has been occurring silently for a century and education has been the catapult for that end (read The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto). At any rate, I digressed. Dr. Wile, while I wish and pray for Apologia ministries continued success without your presence there, I wish, pray for and look forward to your new endeavors. God Bless you and your family.

    1. Dawn, thank you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot to know that I have encouraged you. Thank you as well for your prayers!

  43. Oftentimes what seems like a conflict between two Christians is really just God expanding his kingdom. Paul and Barnabas had a conflict over the usefulness of Mark on a missionary journey and so they parted ways in seeming frustration. Yet God used the two teams to bring the gospel to more people than one team could reach. I pray that this parting of ways will have a similar effect.

  44. Dr Wile,
    I’m writing from Aust as a hs mum who has used your science curriculum with my children and also sold it when we had a curriculum business here. I do not know anything about your business situation, but sincerely hope that the content and stance in your science books will not change. I want you to know that we are VERY grateful for your commitment and contribution you have made to the development of our children’s biblical worldview. My eldest son is a Science Faculty Deans Fellow at one of the best universities in Australia, and your faithful work has helped him achieve that. Our prayer is that he will be used of God in his chosen field. I am glad you are still planning to contribute to the hs community. And again, thank-you for the testimony you have made for the Lord in the world of science. May our God bless you in your future endeavours.

    1. Mrs J Grubb, thanks so much for your kind comment. I am thrilled that your son has done so well! I might have played a tiny part in his success, but you and your husband are the MAIN reasons he has achieved so much. I loved my time in your wonderful country and hope to come back soon.

      As long as my name is on the books, they will not have changed.

  45. Dr. Jay Wile,
    Thank you so much for writing such amazing science books. Our family has enjoyed them very much. Also, thank you for answering our science questions that we emailed to you. You answered in less than 24 hours and encouraged my son with his science!
    May God Bless you in your new endeavors.

  46. We are just starting with Apologia and RWT this fall and I’m very excited to be using both for Chemistry. I think RWT fills a great need so that parents can have some help with the upper-level classes if they need to.

    Jay,I pray that you’ll have a refreshing new season of life and that God will continue to use you and bless you! Many new doors can open and I can’t wait to see what He will do!

    1. Melanie, thank you for your comment and your prayers. Using RWT allows you to take advantage of the best teacher with whom I have ever worked. It will definitely be a blessing!

  47. The Black Sheep says:
    August 14, 2010 at 5:26 pm
    “I know enough about the business world to know that, no matter the area, industry, product, etc.; Business is dirty. Yet it still baffles me that a man who claims to be a Christian can take a company, founded by a Christian man and woman, and turn it into something completely unrecognizable. It’s terribly upsetting.”

    jlwile says:
    August 14, 2010 at 6:01 pm
    Black Sheep, you are truly awesome.”

    The whole exchange between you and The Black Sheep makes everything else you said about NOT claiming that the new owner is somehow shifty seem unbelievable. The Black Sheep referred to Mr. Carmen as a “man who claims to be a Christian” turning the company into something unrecognizable and you told him (TBS) he was “truly awesome”.

    I am very sad about this whole thing.

    1. Jen, I am sorry you took the exchange between Black Sheep and I the wrong way. When I told Black Sheep “You are truly awesome,” I was referring to the last line: “You will forever be the Rockstar of Homeschool Science…. now maybe you can be the Rockstar of Homeschool [insert new product line here] too.”

      I certainly can agree with you on your last statement. I am also very sad about the whole thing.

  48. Dr. Wile,
    We have been in contact via email previously over the years. My son was the crazy one who spent all night (literally) photographing the emergence of cicaida’s when the came out of their shell things.

    Anyway, I do have a private question for you regarding our Biology options that is time sensitive. Would you be willing to email me. I just feel uncomfortable posting the question here.


  49. Thank you for clarifying your remark to The Black Sheep. In that context, I understand your response totally.

    1. Debbie, even if I were a Calvinist, I would still not support a curriculum that indicated Calvinism was the only Biblical worldview.

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