A Chemistry Poem by Bailey Gillespie

A student (Bailey Gillespie) sent this to me many years ago, and in a web search, I stumbled across it again today. I thought others might enjoy it as well:

I’m reading a book by Jay Wile
That feels ’bout as thick as a mile
It’s a chemistry course,
And reliable source,
I sure am enjoying his style.

The characteristics we see
Of chemicals in chemistry
Are works of God’s hand,
And part of His plan,
For the earth to function for me.

The way atoms all seem to dance
In molecules inside of plants
Is one of the ways,
God meant to amaze,
That couldn’t have happened by chance.

Experiment with metals like chrome
Experiment with mixtures like foam
Please try to have fun,
Clean up when you’re done,
I hope you don’t blow up your home!

2 thoughts on “A Chemistry Poem by Bailey Gillespie”

  1. That’s a great poem! I especially like stanzas 2 and 3. The more chemistry I study, the more amazed I am at God’s design.

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