And We’re Back…

If you visited this site on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you probably either saw nothing but a directory structure or a blank page. That’s because the server that hosts this blog was subjected to a denial of service attack. In the end, the hosting company had to move everything to another server and, of course, that took time. We’re back up now, however, so I can continue to annoy those who don’t like science!

2 thoughts on “And We’re Back…”

  1. Glad you’re back! I clicked to read one of your articles in my blogger RSS feed several nights ago and noticed that your blog appeared to be the victim of a dirty April Fool’s Day prank. Or as some have called it…Atheists’ Day. 😉


    1. I like that Amanda. April Fool’s Day = Atheist’s Day. While I have read some intellectual atheists, most of those I have read (and most of the ones who comment here) are, indeed, fools – and not only in April!

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