I’m BAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!

Did you miss me? I know some people did. I received a few messages from readers, asking why I have been so quiet lately. Well…I have just been insanely busy. A biology professor, Dr. Paul Madtes Jr, and I have been writing a new high school biology text. While writing with him has been an incredibly rewarding experience, it took a lot of time. In addition, I taught a Master’s Class at Memoria College this year, and it was pretty challenging. We read the great natural philosophers of the past and discussed how their work shaped modern science.

Now things are winding down on both fronts. The book has been sent to the printer, and this week is the final week of the Master’s class. As a result, I can now return to blogging. Tomorrow, I will post an article discussing our new biology course and how it is different from Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd Edition, which the publisher allowed to go out of print. For now, if you want a preview of what it looks like, you can go here:

Discovering Design with Biology by Dr. Paul Madtes Jr and Dr. Jay L. Wile

If you click on “Product Resources,” you will find a table of contents, the entire first chapter, a scope and sequence, and the details about the experiments.

12 thoughts on “I’m BAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!”

  1. I figured you were doing something useful. You sure were!
    I’m looking forward to your thoughtful reviews of recent findings and what’s going on in the scientific community.

  2. How exciting. My oldest is still elementary school – aged and we enjoy your elementary school series so we look forward to “Discovering Design with Biology” along with the middle-school curriculum. Are there plans for a “Discovering Design with Physics” in the future?

    1. Yes. In fact, I will be writing it this summer and during the next academic year. In addition, my online students will be “field testing” it before it is published in book form.

  3. Welcome back Dr. Wile! I used to read your blog all the time. Had a question, I thought I remembered you blogging about this, but I could be wrong… I remember a study coming out showing that the closer to 100% a consensus is, the less likely the consensus is to be correct. I remember some people being surprised by this conclusion. I could have sworn I heard about it on your blog, but I can’t find it anywhere. Do you recall this research? It jives very well with other research on consensus-thinking.

    1. I don’t recall that research, Brandon. I would be surprised if it is true. I mean, MOST scientific facts are true, and they are facts because there is nearly 100% consensus. Now, of course, I could imagine that in certain cases, such as when the science intersects with a political or philosophical view, then a nearly 100% consensus might make it more likely to be false. However, I would think those cases would be the exception, not the rule. However, I would be interested in you sharing the study, if you can find it.

  4. Hi Dr. Wile,
    I previewed the new Biology and am so excited about it. It looks great. Any idea how soon when we will be able to actually purchase it? Thanks!!

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