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I know I haven’t posted anything since September, but that’s because this has been a very busy academic year for me. I hope to get back to regular posting by the end of May, but I wanted to let my readers know about a video series that is being produced by Logos Research Associates. It promises to convey cutting edge scientific evidence for the creation account. The director of the organization, Dr. John Sanford, is one of the most gifted scientists with whom I have ever worked, and he is also one of the most genuine Christian men I know. Since he and many of the associates are actively doing original scientific research related to creation, I am sure there will be a lot of awesome information shared throughout the series.

The first presentation is scheduled for February 22, 2023 at 9:00 PM Eastern (8:00 PM Central). It will present the big picture and the relevance of creation apologetics, setting the stage for the series of talks that will follow.

You can watch a promotional video for this presentation here.

If you would like to attend, registration is required, but it is free.

You can register here.

2 thoughts on “Logos Research Associates Video Series”

  1. Hi, Dr.
    I’m new, but I’m loving your posts.
    I love biology and your blog is a great opportunity to see biology from other perspectives. I wonder if you have a specific kind of collection on all the “gaps” of Darwinism.
    I’d like to know what you think of neolamarckism …
    If you can answer me about it, Thank you!
    Too bad the comments from your old posts are blocked. I have so many doubts, but I understand that you are very busy!
    And, i know that this comment has nothing to do with the subject covered in the original post, but since I have no other form of interaction, I felt I should take the opportunity of open comments.

    1. The software turns off comments after a while, and right now I am not blogging much. I really haven’t put together a list of all the shortcomings of Darwinism. That would be too much, since there are so many shortcomings! A good resource for that would be books like these:



      NeoLarmarckism has become popular because of epigenetics. We now know that influences from the surroundings can be inherited through epigenetic markers, which means that at least to some extent, an organism’s surroundings will influence its offspring. Right now, it is unclear how important that is in the process of adaptation, so it’s too early to tell whether or not NeoLarmarckism will make any serious contribution to our understanding of adaptation. However, it does go to show how wrong science can be. Scientists used to laugh at the thought of the environment affecting inheritance. Now we are certain it does…at least to some extent.

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