Sorry, “Black Sheep.” Science IS Sexy

In a recent comment, the poster known as “Black Sheep” stated, “No matter what you think, science isn’t sexy.” I beg to differ. Just read these chemistry pickup lines, listed in the December 20, 2010 edition of Chemical and Engineering News (p. 56):

“I’m cobalt and you’re nickel. Let’s make an alloy.”

“I’d like to form a covalent bond with you.”

“If I could rearrange the periodic table, I’d put U and I together.”

“You’re lutetium and I’m vanadium. Together, we’re in LuV.”

“Our love will be like sodium in water: brief, explosive, and hot.”

And here’s my favorite:

“You’re so hot, your electrons are changing state.”

If that’s not sexy, I don’t know what is!


  1. The Black Sheep says:

    This might be your saddest post ever.

    1. jlwile says:

      Somehow, I thought you would react that way, Black Sheep!

  2. Sherri Seligson says:

    Thanks for the laugh, Jay! But physics is just as exciting, with “electricity and magnetism.”

    1. jlwile says:

      Good point, Sherri. Indeed, physics has a lot to say about ATTRACTION as well.

  3. Amanda Read says:

    *Sigh* Science is so romantic:


    ~ Amanda

    1. jlwile says:

      Amanda, I love the story about Harvey Wiley. When I was a university student, senior chemistry lab met at 2:00 PM. Because of my tendency to get absorbed in the work and lose all track of time, the lab supervisor put up a big sign that said, “Breakfast closes at 10:00 AM.”

      You will find that few men are like Josiah. In all seriousness, he is a true gem, and I can’t tell you how glad I am that he comments on this blog.

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