Stranded at Christmas

This Christmas play is about several people who will have to spend Christmas in an elementary school because of bad weather. (click for credit)

Since this will be my last blog entry until after Christmas, I thought I would post another Christmas drama. It’s tough to write dramas about Christmas, because it is such an important event. It has been preached about, sung about, depicted, and discussed for almost 2,000 years. How do you come up with something original about Christmas? Well, I try to do that by either telling the Christmas story from the viewpoint of the people who were involved in it or doing the drama in the setting of Christmas. Last year, I posted a Christmas drama that look the former approach. This year, I give you one that takes the latter approach.

As is the case with all my dramas, there is no copyright. Please feel free to use this in any way that will serve the Body of Christ, and please feel free to improve the drama in any way you see fit.

Stranded at Christmas

One thought on “Stranded at Christmas”

  1. Hi Dr Wile. For those who have not seen our discussion, we have been dialoging on another blog entry of yours. We have disagreed to a certain extent about how we understand the topic that we have been discussing. This blog post brought me back to reality. What I am most concerned about is that others experience the reality of Jesus in their lives. Whatever the differences in our opinions about science may be, I believe we are both trying to ultimately show others the truth about Jesus when we discuss what we believe God has revealed through science.

    From this point on I would like to speak to anyone reading this blog entry who does not believe in Jesus Christ. It is my hope and prayer that you too will one day accept Jesus as your Lord and savior.

    In my case it is not the science that has convinced me that God is real. It has been His presence in my life for so many years. I have had experiences of the presence of God that I could never prove scientifically. I think Dr Wile will agree that you cannot either prove or disprove God with science. I think information from history is needed to help show the reality of God.

    Christian scripture makes a claim that Jesus rose from the dead. If that claim is true, it validates everything Jesus said in the Bible. The resurrection was a one time event. It cannot be verified by science. That does not mean there is not good historical evidence for the fact that it occurred. I would encourage anyone reading this information to seriously investigate the case for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If what the Bible says is true, your eternal life depends upon whether you accept or reject Christ and the salvation he offers to you as a free gift.

    The gift of salvation is not free in the sense that you can live your life any way you want once you accept the gift. Jesus expects you to change as a result of what you receive. He expects you to turn from your life of sin and turn to follow Him. If there is no change in your lifestyle after you have claimed to have accepted the gift of salvation it is highly unlikely that you have been saved.

    The gift of salvation is free to you, but it cost Jesus his life. He came to Earth from Heaven to bleed and die in your place. Your sin and mine was responsible for his death.

    The thing that is most difficult for me to understand about Jesus is why he did that. I try to put myself in His place. If I had been living in Heaven from eternity past, and had enjoyed all the pleasure and comfort Heaven provided, there is no way I would have come down to Earth to sacrifice myself on a cross for the sin of humans. I would not have allowed myself to be beaten, spit on, humiliated publicly and finally tortured to death on a cross. I would have probably said they can all just go to hell.

    Fortunately for all of us, Jesus doesn’t think like me. Scripture tells us the reason why he made the decision to be crucified for us. His reason was love. He loves us enough that he died for us. Not just for us in general, but also for you in particular. He has offered you the gift of eternal life with Him in Heaven. Will you accept that gift?

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