The Box of Sin (A Short Drama)

The "Box of Sin" is a nice device to use in Christian drama.
I love studying and writing about science, especially as it relates to Christianity. However, I do have other writing interests. For example, every now and then, I write a “drama” for my church. Usually, these “dramas” are more like skits, and their purpose is to drive home a point in the pastor’s sermon. For yesterday’s service, the pastor wanted something that illustrates the fact that we are more likely to help lead people to Christ if we aren’t judgemental towards them. As I prayed and thought about what I would do, I decided to bring out the “Box of Sin.”

This is a device I use every now and again in my dramas. It is just a cardboard box that has the word “Sin” on it, but it is a great way to symbolize a person being lured into sin and becoming trapped as a result. You can use it for many different kinds of illustrations, such as the way I used it in the drama below. As with all of my dramas, feel free to use this one in any way you think will serve the body of Christ. I would appreciate a credit if you use the drama mostly as written. However, if you take the idea and make something relatively new, please don’t feel the need to credit me.

Help Me Out!

(The lights come up on a stage that is empty except for a cardboard box labeled “Sin.” It needs to be big enough for a person to stand inside, but it needn’t be very tall.)

(John enters. He is walking purposefully across stage, as if he is on his way to an appointment. Then he sees the box. He is intrigued. He looks around to make sure no one is watching, and then he goes over to the box. He looks inside and starts to smile, as if to say, “That looks fun.” He looks up at the audience, still smiling, and then down into the box.)

John: Hmmmm…..

(He puts one hand in the box.)

John: (delighted) Wow!

(He pulls his hand out of the box and once again looks around to make sure no one is looking. He then puts one leg in the box.)

John: (enjoying himself even more) This is incredible! I can’t believe how much fun this is!

(He looks around again and then puts the other leg in the box, so he is now standing inside the box.)

John: (Having the time of his life) This is amazing! Wow!

(He whoops and hollers a while, really enjoying himself. He then gets a bit bored and decides it is time to move on. He acts as if he is trying to step out of the box, but his legs won’t move.)

John: (a bit frightened) Oh no. I’m really stuck. I can’t get out.

(At this point, Chris comes in. He is following the exact same path John followed when he entered, but he doesn’t see John, since he is not paying attention to the box of sin. John sees him.)

John: (To Chris) Hey buddy…can you help me out? (He holds his hand out to Chris. If Chris takes his hand, he can get out of the box.)

Chris: (Turning to look at John) Sure.

(He walks towards John but then reads the box. He stops dead in his tracks, holds both hands out in front of him, and backs up.)

Chris: Woah….Wait a minute…I don’t think I want to get involved.

John: Please, man. I just need some help to get out. (Once again, he holds his hand out to Chris.)

Chris: That box is clearly labeled. You shouldn’t have gotten in there to begin with.

John: I know, I know. I’m sorry I ever got in here. Now I just want out. Won’t you help me? (Once again, he holds his hand out to Chris.)

Chris: Like I said, I don’t think I should get involved. I will give you some advice, though.

John: Okay.

Chris: (sarcastically) Since you find yourself trapped in there, maybe you should try “thinking outside the box.”

John: (equally sarcastic) That’s really funny. Look, I am trapped in here. I don’t need a joke. I need to get out.

Chris: This is your fault. You should have known better than to get inside there. You made your bed, now sleep in it. (He exits, never giving John a second glance.)

(John goes back to trying to get out of the box, but his feet just won’t move. Daniel enters, following exactly the same path that Chris and John followed. Once again, he doesn’t pay attention to John or the box.)

John: (To Daniel) Hey buddy, can you help me out? (He holds his hand out to Daniel.)

Daniel: (Looks at John.) Sure.

(Daniel goes over to the box, and with no hesitation at all, he takes John’s hand. John climbs out of the box easily.)

John: (Relieved) Thank you so much. I thought I might be stuck in there forever. You really saved my life!

Daniel: No problem. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. Want to talk about it?