The Most Difficult Article I Have Ever Written

No, it’s not a treatise on deexcitation mechanisms in strongly-damped, heavy-ion collisions. That was my PhD thesis, and it was easy compared to this one. The most difficult article I have ever written is a 2-page summary of the details surrounding our adopted daughter. It was incredibly difficult for three reasons:

1. The story should fill an entire book. To cut it down to a magazine-length article was excruciating.

2. Every time I think of the reasons my daughter needed adoptive parents, I get so angry that I want to go out and shoot someone.

3. It is profoundly difficult to put into words what my daughter means to me. Nevertheless, I felt like I had to try.

So if you want to read the most difficult article I ever wrote, click on the link below:

My Little Girl

3 thoughts on “The Most Difficult Article I Have Ever Written”

  1. Jesus said, “And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me” (Matthew 18:5). Thank you to you and your wife for giving us such an encouraging example of the power of love in a child’s life.

  2. Thank you for writing your texts, which my kids and my students at our co-op have benefited from so much.

    Even more than that, thank you for writing the most difficult article. Adoption is such a blessing, and God has used it in my life to reveal His love for me in so many new ways. Watching my adopted child is like watching a miracle every day. Also, thanks for keeping it real. I’ve struggled with that “want to go out and shoot someone” feeling also when faced with the pain and fear that my darling has experienced.

    May God use your difficult article to encourage many people to consider how adoption could be a blessing in their life, and how they could be a blessing in the life of a child.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Thank you for your willingness to follow God to a different place than you had planned for yourself. Thank you for giving a hurting little girl a safe and loving home. Thank you for being honest about the difficulties involved.

    Our family is considering adoption and as we prayerfully consider the way forward, stories like yours are a great encouragement.

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