Update on Cabaret

If anyone is interested, opening night for Cabaret was last night (Thursday, 4/29). It really went well. The audience was really into it. They laughed at all the right spots and rewarded us with lots of enthusiastic applause.

The local newspaper came to review it a few days earlier, and the review was very positive.

2 thoughts on “Update on Cabaret”

  1. Why in the world are in in Cabaret, Dr. Wile? I am both a theater and music director and I will not even consider supporting or directing that show for my community non-Christian theater. Is it possible you are compartmentalizing your faith and your musical endeavors? I’m sorry but it gives less credence to my son’s science curriculum to know that you would support this kind of entertainment. I’m sure your theater has cleaned it up some but for what purpose? BBrum

    1. Hi BBrum. Thanks for commenting! I wonder if you have ever really seen Cabaret. Its message is clear and VERY effective: when people are too busy having a good time to worry about what is going on around them, terrible things happen. Indeed, Cabaret is a strong indictment of the sinful pleasures that went on in pre-World-War-II Germany. It blames them for Hitler’s rise to power and shows how they ultimately lead to grief for those who participate in them.

      There are many plays that I will not perform, as they are inconsistent with a Christian worldview. However, the message of Cabaret and the means by which that message is presented are fully consistent with Christianity. Indeed, I am not the only Christian in the cast.

      I write and perform plays for my church, and I perform plays for my community. That is quite the opposite of “compartmentalization,” as both my faith and my theatrical talents operate in all areas of my life.

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