Homeschooling: Protecting Freedom, Protecting Children

On Monday, the Cato Institute hosted a panel discussion about homeschooling. It was prompted by an uninformed article that was published in the Arizona Law Review. The author of that article, Professor Elizabeth Bartholet of Harvard University, was one of the four panelists. The others who joined her were Neal McCluskey and Kerry McDonald from … Continue reading “Homeschooling: Protecting Freedom, Protecting Children”

Yet Another Study Confirms The Effectiveness of Home Education

As far as I know, I first encountered homeschool graduates when I was on the faculty at Ball State University. The ones I met stood out, even in a crowded chemistry or physics classroom. The more I researched homeschooling, the more I came to learn that this was the norm. On average, homeschool graduates are … Continue reading “Yet Another Study Confirms The Effectiveness of Home Education”

Discriminating Homeschoolers Lead to Excellent Curriculum

A Facebook friend of mine (I honestly thought I would never use that term) recently posted the video on the left. It discusses several errors that are found in U.S. school textbooks. With the post, she noted, “I am so thankful and blessed we are able to homeschool!” As I reflect on her comment, I … Continue reading “Discriminating Homeschoolers Lead to Excellent Curriculum”

Pre-Kindergarten Education Might Cause Long-Term Disadvantages!

Many educators (and even more politicians) think that getting children into school early produces great educational benefits. However, the data suggest otherwise. Perhaps the most famous results come from the Head Start study by Puma and others. It found that while the Head Start preschool program produced some short-term benefits, those benefits disappeared for most … Continue reading “Pre-Kindergarten Education Might Cause Long-Term Disadvantages!”

Still more on the AP article

Apologia has gotten all sorts of E-MAILs and calls regarding the AP article, and they are overwhelmingly positive. Apologia has sent me some of the E-MAILs, but I thought I would post excerpts from one of them, because it shows how even state-certified teachers understand the effectiveness of the biology book I co-authored. The E-MAIL … Continue reading “Still more on the AP article”