A Series of Unorthodox Easter Skits

Me as the devil and Emma as my right-hand demon. (photo by Kim Williams)
Me as the devil and Emma as my right-hand demon. (photo by Kim Williams)
Easter is the most important holiday in Christendom. As Scripture tells us, “and if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain, your faith also is vain.” (1 Corinthians 15:14). In the church I attend, we always try to do something very special on Easter Sunday, and this Easter’s service was particularly meaningful to me. More than a month ago, the pastor asked if I could work up a series of skits that would augment his sermon. We had done something very similar for the service on Christmas day, and the congregation really seemed to appreciate it. So the pastor and I exchanged some ideas, and I ended up writing a series of very unorthodox skits that we presented throughout his message.

His sermon was based on three gardens (Eden, Gethsemane, and the Garden Tomb). His overall message was that the tragedy of what happened at the Garden of Eden has been erased by the sacrifice that started at the Garden of Gethsemane and the victory of the resurrection that took place at the Garden Tomb. It’s difficult to write skits about such well-known events, so I often try to write from a unique perspective. With the pastor’s permission, I decided to write these skits from the Devil’s perspective. The four skits will appear below.

This was all laden with emotion for me, because it was the first time I had done a skit since my right-hand man in the church’s drama ministry passed away. I wanted to do something that made it clear how important this step was, so I hesitantly asked his teenage daughter, Emma, if she would do the skits with me. She agreed and did a great job. I really couldn’t have asked for it to go much better, and the congregation appreciated both the content of the skits and the significance of the event.

Feel free to use these skits in any way that the Lord leads. If possible, I would like a credit, but the most important thing is to use them to minister to the Body of Christ.

(Since these skits occurred during the sermon, the set had to be simple and something that could be left on stage. There also had to be a transition between the pastor speaking and the skits themselves. Since our church lighting system has black light, I purchased a cheap black light poster that had some deformed skulls on it, as shown in the picture above. I took an old end table and painted it with black light paint. I did the same with an old phone that was put the table. I also worked with the lighting so that when the pastor preached, the congregation’s lights were on and he was in a pool of light. The table, phone, and poster were behind him, along with a fancy chair. They weren’t in the pastor’s light, so they were de-emphasized while he was speaking. When each skit started, the pastor’s lights and the congregation’s lights went down, and the black lights came up. This made the poster, table, and phone glow, indicating that the congregation was being “taken” into hell. When we came out, the acting lights came up, and the scene began.)

Skit #1: Shortly After the Garden of Eden

(A young demon comes in and sits in the chair. She puts her feet up and sighs, indicating that this is where she thinks she should be. She hears footsteps and immediately jumps out of the chair and stands at attention. The Devil enters.)

Demon: (trying to be nonchalant) How did it go?

Devil: Better than I could have imagined! These things the Enemy created…what do you call them?

Demon: People.

Devil: Right…people. People are stupid!

Demon: How so?

Devil: They had this amazing garden. It was lush and beautiful, and the climate was perfect. They had more food than they could ever eat, and they even had animals they could play with. It was incredible. The Enemy gave them just one rule. Just one, simple rule.

Demon: What was it?

Devil: There was one particular tree they couldn’t eat from. There were hundreds of trees in the garden, all with luscious fruits, and they just had to stay away from that one tree. So you know what my job was?

Demon: To get them to eat from that tree.

Devil: Of course. And I did it. It was a piece of cake.

Demon: How?

Devil: Well these….what do you call them again?

Demon: People.

Devil: Right. These people are easily confused. First, I just sowed a little doubt. I asked, “Did he really tell you not to eat from that tree?” While they were thinking about that, I pounced on their desire for power. I said, “You know, the only reason he doesn’t want you to eat from the tree is because you will become like gods yourselves.” That’s all it took. They ate!

Demon: Congratulations, Boss!

Devil: You should have seen the Enemy! He was so upset. He kicked them out of the garden, and that made them miserable. (truly enjoying the memory) I had no idea how much I would enjoy making them miserable! Yes, I think I am going to enjoy making….(looking to the demon to remember the word)…people…miserable for the next few thousand years!

Demon: So…what do we do now?

Devil: Well, the Enemy said something about someone coming along to crush my head, but honestly, I think he was just trying to save face. (proudly) It’s clear I really blindsided him. Nevertheless, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You’re speciality is seeing into the future, right?

Demon: Right.

Devil: So what have you seen lately?

Demon: Well…it’s all a bit hazy, and I’m not sure exactly what it means, but in the future, there are going to be two words – TWO WORDS – that will be associated with a lot of pain and misery.

Devil: (Brightening) Really? What are they?

Demon: United Airlines

Devil: Ah…Well…you need to keep an eye on that. Also, start looking into the future to see if the Enemy really is going to try to send someone who will crush my head.

Demon: Yes, boss.

Devil: Now realize that I am putting you in charge of this, and when I put a demon in charge of something, I expect it to be done right. Do you understand?

Demon: I understand.

Skit #2: Shortly After the Garden of Gethsemane

(When the acting lights come up, the phone rings. I used a few seconds of an instrumental version of the chorus from “Highway to Hell.” If you don’t use something like that, the reference to the ringtone needs to be cut.)

Devil: (picking up the phone) I really love that ringtone. (like a help desk operator) This is the Devil, how may I harm you today? (pause) What do you mean you’re down 10 degrees? That’s not acceptable. I’ll call engineering. (hangs up, dials a number) Engineering? Torment just called. They say they’re down 10 degrees. Now you know as well as I do that there is a sweet spot when it comes to burning souls. It can’t be too cold; it can’t be too hot. It needs to be just right, and torment says they’re 10 degrees below that sweet spot. I want it fixed. (pause) I don’t care what’s going on down there. You have an entire lake of fire. I think you can figure out how to give them 10 more degrees. I better not hear from torment again. (hangs up) Why do I have to do everything around here?

(demon enters)

Devil: What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be keeping watch on the Enemy’s son.

Demon: I don’t think I need to anymore.

Devil: Why?

Demon: He’s been taken into custody.

Devil: What?

Demon: Guards came and took him into custody. They locked him up. He’s not free any more.

Devil: Did the disciples put up a fight?

Demon: Not really. (amused by the memory) This one guy, Peter, he pulled out this sword. (chuckling) He clearly didn’t know how to use it. He was swinging it around and actually managed to cut a guard’s ear off!

Devil: That’s cool!

Demon: (really into it) Yeah. There was blood everywhere. It was awesome. But then the Enemy’s son told him to stop fighting and actually healed the guy’s ear. Stuck it right back on his head.

Devil: Leave it to the Enemy’s son to ruin a perfectly good maiming.

Demon: I know, right?

Devil: So did the disciples follow him when he got taken away?

Demon: No. They just scattered. I decided to follow that Peter guy, cause he’s so funny. He did follow the Enemy’s son, but when another person asked him if he knew the Enemy’s son, he said no.

Devil: Wow. It sounds like they’re completely demoralized. I doubt there will be a rescue attempt. Does that mean it’s all over? Have we won? You know, I have to admit that I owe this all to you. You were the one who looked into the future and saw this coming. That allowed us to make our plan. Boy, do I love it when a plan comes together! (pause, not sure if he has really won) But you know, the Enemy is tricky. He may have something up his sleeve. You go back and keep an eye on the Enemy’s son. Don’t come back here until you are CERTAIN that he won’t be a problem anymore.

Demon: Yes, sir!

(Acting lights out, black light still up. Devil and demon exit. Then the preaching lights come back up.)

Skit #3: Shortly After the Cross

(The Devil is sitting in his chair, and once the acting lights are up, the demon enters.)

Devil: (Looks up and is surprised) Does this mean it’s over?

Demon: Yes.

Devil: You’re sure?

Demon: Yes. He’s dead.

Devil: (really surprised) Dead?

Demon: Yep. They put him in a tomb and closed it up.

Devil: (starting to think he has won) Wow. There’s no coming back from that!

Demon: Exactly.

Devil: (really getting happy) So that’s it. We won. I can’t believe it. We won again. I have to let everyone know about this. (picks up phone and hits a key). Intercom. For those of you keeping score, it’s the Devil 2, the Enemy 0! (He hangs up phone and starts to come down from the high. He looks into the distance and sighs.)

Demon: What’s the matter?

Devil: Well…I’ve just been doing this for so long…fighting the Enemy’s plan…I don’t know what to do now. I mean, what is there left to do?

Demon: (brightens up) You should take a vacation.

Devil: (This makes him happy, too.) What a great idea! That’s exactly what I need. A vacation. I have been working so hard at this for thousands of years. I need a break. (picks up the phone) Kitchen, I am taking a little trip, and I’ll need some supplies. I want some deviled eggs, some devil’s food cake, extra hot salsa, and all the Mexican food you’ve got. I’ll be down in a few minutes. (He hangs up the phone and looks at the demon.) Well…now it’s time for your reward. I told you before, I couldn’t have done this without you. So…(indicates the chair) take a seat!

Demon: (realizes this is a promotion) All right!

Devil: You are now the Acting Devil!

Demon: I am honored! (The devil starts to leave, but she calls him back) Wait a minute. In case I need you, where will you be?

Devil: Where else? I’m going down to Georgia!

(I had the sound people play the intro to “Devil went down to Georgia” by Charlie Daniels after the devil said that line and exited. It got a good laugh. Acting lights out, black light still up. Demon exits. Then the preaching lights come back up.)

Skit #4: Shortly After the Resurrection

(The demon is sitting on the chair enjoying her position. The phone rings again, and if you are using a fun ringtone, the demon enjoys it.)

Demon: What a ringtone! (answers the phone) Acting Devil, how may I harm you today? (pause) What do you mean he’s alive? (pause) Shouldn’t he be in the tomb? (pause) Then where is he? (pause) Yes, the boss needs to know about this. Why don’t you tell him? (pause) What do you mean I’m Acting devil? (pause then sigh) I suppose you’re right. Someone has to tell him. (hangs up the phone and stands) He is not going to like this. (looks around and then out into the audience) How did I not see THIS coming?

(Acting lights out, black light still up. Demon exits. Then the preaching lights come back up.)

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  1. Dr. Wile, I so appreciate that, even though you’re a scientist and into math, you can write something like this (love the 3 garden theme). One thing I like about homeschooling is, that even with my 3 “scientists” sons, they also like music, writing, reading, etc. Thanks for being someone they can look up to.

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