Climate Change Activist Issues an Apology, Which Forbes Censors

Author Michael Shellenberger (click for credit)
Author Michael Shellenberger’s career has been one of climate activism. He was named one of Time magazine’s Heroes of the Environment back in 2008. He and co-author Ted Nordhaus wrote the ground-breaking book Break Through: From the Death of Environmentalism to the Politics of Possibility, which won the 2008 Green Book Award. He now runs Environmental Progress, which has two goals: to lift all humans out of poverty, and to save the natural environment.

Recently, he penned a letter that was originally published at the Forbes website. However, it was quickly taken down, because it didn’t conform to the narrative that Forbes is trying to impose. This isn’t the first time Forbes has published a reasonable article that was then removed for violating its orthodoxy, and it probably won’t be the last. After all, as more people learn the science behind global climate change, aka global warming, more articles challenging Forbes’ dogma will surface. Some of them will probably make it past the censors, but when their heresy is later exposed, they will be put on Forbes’ Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

Fortunately for all of us, Shellenberger’s organization has defied the Inquisition and has published the article that the censors at Forbes removed. I encourage you to read the entire article, but in brief, Shellenberger offers an apology on behalf of those who have been trying to frighten you regarding global climate change, aka global warming. Why is he apologizing? Because he knows enough science to realize that

Climate change is happening. It’s just not the end of the world. It’s not even our most serious environmental problem.

Unfortunately, as his letter says, he stayed silent about the science because he believes that cutting carbon-dioxide emissions is a good thing. Thus, he worked alongside the fear-mongers without speaking out against their anti-science rhetoric. Now, however, he thinks that the assault against science has gotten out of control, and he was forced speak out.

I encourage you to read his entire apology. Not only will you learn some good science, you will see how an honorable person admits that he acted wrongly.

6 thoughts on “Climate Change Activist Issues an Apology, Which Forbes Censors”

  1. From Shellenberger’s article that you linked to:

    “The evidence is overwhelming that our high-energy civilization is better for people and nature than the low-energy civilization that climate alarmists would return us to.”

    I think his apology and correction indicate his genuine concern for “people and nature”. I’m also glad to hear his voice of reason talking about the benefits of high energy density (nuclear power) vs. the windmills that kill so much wildlife and the solar grids that take so much land and don’t work after dark or when it is cloudy.

  2. Very good. Although I personally disagree with factory farming and feedlots. It doesn’t seem like good Christian stewardship. We should probably all just eat less meat. This would solve plenty of health issues as well.

  3. Hi Jay, & thank you for sharing this. I read his whole apology, & I completely agree with his statements about how much all this has scared our children. One of mine, who suffers from depression, actually said that when his age group see & hear all the bad news around the world, they can’t help but get anxious &/or depressed. I think I will buy the hardcover, read it, & hopefully find it compelling enough to share with him and others.

  4. And Gates statement on reducing the world pop by 350,000/day with vaccines. And facts on agriculture and CO2 if that part interests you. No CO2, no plants, and all plants can produce CO2 when needed. Some thru decay, others simply have that ability to self-fertilize. My very best to you and my prayers for success from Arizona. May it rain! 🙂

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