Homeschooling: It’s Worth the Tears

This is the expression my daughter had pretty much every morning in home school.
There is a new blog that might be of interest to my homeschooling readers. It’s called, and as time goes on, it will offer insights from various speakers and authors who are popular in the homeschooling movement.

I wrote two of the articles that open up this blog. The most important one is

Homeschooling: It’s Worth the Tears

It discusses my homeschooling journey with my teenage daughter and what it has meant for both of us now that she is an adult.

The other one discusses some of the research that has been done on homeschool graduates in university. I have discussed the contents of that article in separate blog posts on this site, but the article below compiles the information into one source:

Homeschool Graduates and University

I hope you enjoy the articles. I also hope you remember to go back to, because I suspect that it will be very useful to those who are still homeschooling.

2 thoughts on “Homeschooling: It’s Worth the Tears”

  1. Thanks Dr. Wile for sharing your personal experience homeschooling your own child, and for gathering together the statistics about how well homeschoolers perform compared to their peers.

    I read “Homeschooling: It’s worth the tears” with my wife. She enjoyed your story, but she said that “It’s hard for me to get excited about homeschooling like you, because I wasn’t homeschooled,” to which I replied “My homeschooling experience was far from perfect!” I definitely remember the tears from my homeschooling experience, but I can also attest that it was well worth it!

    Where we currently reside here in Brazil (my wife is Brazilian) there seems to be much prejudice against homeschooling. However, in the last couple of years the HSLDA has been working hard to make homeschooling legal in Brazil:

    We’ll definitely be going back to, I also really liked her post about bullying. There was a really sad incident that happened a couple weeks ago in Sao Paulo, where a student shot some of his fellow students because they bullied him:

    At our church last weekend the pastor talked about how “Bulling is nothing new, and parents need to teach their kids how to deal with their emotions” and “The schools can’t teach your children everything they need to know, you as parents also need to teach them.”

    So one could say that even parents who send their kids to public or private school also need to “homeschool” their kids.

  2. For those of you who enjoy Homeschooling Mom, I highly recommend Roscommon Acres, which is written by a homeschooling mom:

    I especially enjoyed the article How to Prepare your Homeschool for the Zombie Apocalypse:

    This one is also good. It discusses socialization in homeschool:

    Thank you Dana!

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