More Global Warming Nonsense

A satellite image of the Great Lakes

One reason the public doesn’t take “climate change” (the disaster previously known as global warming) seriously is because the media report on it so stupidly. Essentially, any bad thing that happens in the world is due to climate change. Consider, for example, the Great Lakes. Their depths started to decline noticeably in the year 2000. In 2007, New Scientist ran a story entitled:

Global warming is shrinking the Great Lakes

This, of course, is exactly what you would think global warming would do. Increased temperatures should increase evaporation rates, causing lake water levels to drop.

Fast forward to today, when the Great Lakes are at record high levels. What could be causing this? Climate change, of course! As PhysicsWorld puts it:

So, what has changed and why have water levels fluctuated so wildly in less than 10 years? Drew Gronewold and Richard Rood of the University of Michigan argue that climate change has disrupted the balance between evaporation and precipitation in the Great Lakes region.

Of course, when one looks at the data (compiled by the NOAA), one sees that there has been no recent “wild fluctuations” in the levels of the Great Lakes. Their levels have varied over the past 100 years, but the variation has not become “wilder” in recent years:

Now I don’t think most people take the time to look at data like those I presented above. However, they do notice desperation when they see it. When the media take great pains to find ways to blame everything on climate change, it is natural for most rational people to start questioning whether or not it is causing anything.

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  1. It is quite disturbing to see the climate change theory pushed on the Weather Chanel by seasoned weather forecasters.

  2. It’s really all very Orwellian when you think about it. From the newspeak wordplay games (global warming. oldspeak. ungood. — climate change. double plus good.) to the willing amnesia the State expects from it’s members. We are not at war with East-Asia, we have never been at war with East Asia. Climate is drying the lake, Climate is filling the lake.

  3. Isn’t this the reason “global warming” became “climate change”? Because the predictions for “global warming” were falsified, so “climate change,” was born, a term that could describe the reason for record highs or record lows, ice acculmulation or decumulation, sea levels rising or sea levels falling!

  4. I invite the readers of this blog to go to “The Great Lakes Dashboard” (part of the NOAA) website and see for themselves the graph of water levels over time:

    When you go to that page, adjust the slider at the bottom. The square on the left adjusts the starting date and the square on the right adjusts the ending date. When you click on the square you see the date range. I adjusted the squares until I got the range 1920-2020, and then I got a graph that looks identical to what Dr. Wile posted.

    This is significant for two reasons: First, Dr. Wile didn’t edit or skew the results at all, this is literally what NOAA is publishing (not that I thought you would, Dr. Wile. I’m just encouraging people to check the data for themselves.) Second, NOAA is hardly a “climate change denier” organization – they are a government organization that toes the official line, though it must make the better scientists in that organization cringe inwardly. I have a friend who does data science work for NOAA and is very quiet on the topic of “climate change.” I’m sure he has to be careful in order to keep his job.

  5. Over here in New Zealand, sadly, climate change is almost as big a ‘religion’ as the same-sex and vaccines-for-all camps: you are vilified for posting anything on your social media timelines in opposition to any of those, let alone if you actually said something to someone face to face who disagrees with you. Thank you for continuing to post good logic & science!

  6. Its shocking to see the ENORMOUS amount of emotional manipulation pro climate change activists use to get their point (if they even have one) across. Miley Cyrus’s recent profanity induced rant during one of her concerts is a perfect example, yelling and screaming about how young people are the last possible hope for this planet.

    Really…..if you take a big step back and look at it, it becomes obvious that climate change is nonsense. If the data clearly point to a warning Earth, all they need is the data to convince us. Instead, they go to every possible length to emotionally manipulate unsuspecting layfolk of the immediate “danger”.

    PS: I just wanted to thank you for your ansxing textbooks I used during my home schooling journey. Keep up the great blogs.

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