Another Mother’s Day Drama

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Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I was asked to do a drama for the church service. I have a Mother’s Day Drama that I really like, but it has been done at least three times at our church, so I thought I should write a new one. Also, we have three incredibly talented young ladies who are all willing to do dramas. I have used each of them in different dramas over the past few months, but I decided it was time to put them all on stage together. In the end, I thought they did a fabulous job.

As always, feel free to use this script in any way you think will be meaningful to the body of Christ, but I would appreciate a credit.

Mom: I Don’t Value You the Way I Should

(Two teens enter. They each have a cell phone. The phones don’t have to be visible right now. They will be used later. The teens talk as they walk to center stage, stopping once they get there.)

Cloe: Are you going to the party after the game tonight?

Emily: (really annoyed) No. My mom won’t let me. What about you?

Cloe: (annoyed as well) No. My mom won’t let me, either.

Emily: Mom’s are so annoying.

Cloe: Tell me about it! Come on. It’s just a bunch of unsupervised teens having a party at night. What could possibly go wrong?

Emily: I know, right? They treat us like we’re children! We’re 15 years old now. We’re practically adults!

(Another teen, Lisa, enters from the same place the first two entered. She is walking slowly, head down, depressed. She heads in the same direction as the other two teens but doesn’t really see them.)

Emily: (indicating the teen who just entered) Hey…who’s that?

Cloe: It’s the new girl. I don’t know her name.

Emily: She looks upset.

(By this time, Lisa should have reached the other two girls. She’s not really paying attention, so Cloe steps in her way, being as friendly as possible.)

Cloe: Hi. I’m Cloe. What’s your name?

Lisa: (Not startled, but not interested in socializing) I’m Lisa.

Cloe: This is Emily. We’re going to the game tonight. Wanna come with us?

Lisa: (Trying to be nice, but obviously not in the mood) No. Thanks. I just need to go home.

Emily: (Trying to cheer her up) Come on. It’ll be fun. We’ll introduce you to everyone.

Lisa: (Any other day, she would be really appreciative, but not today) I’m sorry. I just don’t want to.

Cloe: What’s the matter?

Lisa: It’s my mom.

Emily: (Ready to launch into another “mom’s are so annoying” speech) I know exactly what you mean!

Cloe: (Jumping in to join in the complaining) Mom’s are so annoying. I mean, they treat us like….

Lisa: (Getting more upset) It’s just….I haven’t seen her in a while.

Emily: (surprised) What?…Why not?

Lisa: She’s in the Navy.

Cloe: (interested) What does she do in the Navy?

Lisa: She’s on a battleship. She operates the big guns.

Cloe: That’s so cool!

Lisa: Not really. She’s been deployed for more than a year now.

Emily: (in disbelief) You haven’t seen your mom in more than a year?

Lisa: (frustration showing) No, and now…She was supposed to come home today. I was really looking forward to seeing her, but I just learned that some kind of “top secret” situation has happened, and she has to stay deployed. We don’t even know when she’ll be coming back.

Cloe: (can’t think of what to say) I…I’m so sorry…I…

Emily: (trying to cheer her up) Look, why don’t you come to the game with us. Maybe it will take your mind off…things.

Lisa: I’m sorry. I should get home to my dad. He’s just as upset as I am.

(Lisa leaves, looking back at them as if to say she really wishes she could go with them. The other two stand in silence for a moment.)

Cloe: (Pulling out her cell phone) Uh….I…I have to make a call.

(Cloe moves away from Emily. Ideally, she gets isolated in a spot of light. Emily is now frozen.)

Cloe: Hi, Mom? It’s me…..I…I just want to say I’m sorry for how I acted this morning. I was…I was just disappointed. (Waits for her mom to say she understands) Thanks for understanding. You always do.

(Cloe freezes and ideally, the spot on her goes out. Emily pulls out her phone walks to the other side of the stage, ideally with a spot on her.)

Emily: Hi mom. Are you planning to be home tonight? (waits for answer) Good. I was…uh…thinking of skipping the game and just coming home. Maybe…we could watch a movie together? (waits for answer) I’d like that, too. (pause) I love you mom.