My Elementary Science Series Wins an Award


I wanted to share this with my readers: Practical Homeschooling has announced that my elementary series was awarded first place in the Elementary Science category of their 2017 Reader AwardsTM. My high school and and junior high school science courses have been voted #1 in their categories for many years, but this is the first time my elementary science series has received that honor!

When one homeschooling mother learned of the award, she wrote:

I just learned that your elementary science courses were voted #1 by the readers of Practical Homeschooling: well deserved! We have completed Science in the Beginning and Science in the Ancient World and are now using Science in the Scientific Revolution. The kids and I absolutely love doing the experiment with each lesson (using things I actually have around the house)! But the best thing is that my children actually remember a huge amount of what they have learned, even from two years ago, because of your understandable and informative lessons paired with the experiments. I cannot recommend your books highly enough!

I want to thank Practical Homeschooling and its readers for this honor. I am thrilled to know that my courses are making home science education easier and more enjoyable!

Click here to learn more about the award-winning series.

6 thoughts on “My Elementary Science Series Wins an Award”

  1. Congrats! We started with your very first General Science book, right after it came out. And my two older sons used all your high school books. Youngest son, now 17, also used some of the first elementary books that you had, and has been using the high school books. Thing is…you not only teach science so that it’s learned and remembered, but you teach “how to think” which is even more important.

    Wishing for another student so I could teach with your new series of books.

  2. Congratulations, Dr. Wile–we’re in our 10th year of using your high school texts, and have several more years to go…very much appreciate having those resources.

  3. Not surprised. Great material and insight, not only scientifically, but also historically.

  4. Congratulations! It really is a wonderful series. Our family is enjoying it very much.

  5. I first heard you talking on the Homeschool Leadercast podcast and I had seen Cathy Duffy’s review of this science program in her latest book. I was so impressed by each that I am going to buy a set, I look forward to doing more science with the kids and getting closer to God and my children. Your curriculum will help me do just that! Thank you for your dedication to God’s truth, His creation, and the homeschool community and families in general.

  6. Congratulations, but I am not surprised!

    Your elementary science series is so very well done. It incorporates hands-on learning in every lesson, it encourages students to think and question, and its use of notebooking with each lesson cements the information into students’ minds.

    And beyond that, the topics and information are deep and complex. I teach high school Biology and Chemistry (alternating years) in my home as a homeschool co-op, using your textbooks. My elementary and junior high children listen in, and very often they can answer questions that my high school students can’t answer. This is especially likely to happen if my question requires students to think about concepts and draw conclusions beyond what I have taught so far.

    Thank you for this series.

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