Vaccines: One of the Greatest Medical Advances God has Allowed us to Discover

Many well-meaning individuals really think that vaccines are bad for you. These people are predisposed to distrust the government (as am I), and they have been (incorrectly) taught that the government is manipulating the scientific data to make vaccines seem more effective or safer than they actually are. Of course, anyone who understands how scientific research is done and the processes by which it gets published knows that such nonsense isn’t true. However, most people are mystified by the scientific process, so these kinds of “conspiracy theories” sound believable.

In an attempt to help people from being misled about vaccines, I have decided to gather together what I consider the most relevant information related to the scientific research regarding vaccines. If you are interesting in learning the REAL FACTS regarding vaccines, you will read through what is posted here. Please understand, however, that you must have the courage to actually face the facts. If you have been deceived by the lies of the anti-vaccination movement, you might be upset by what you read. I do pray that you have the fortitude to proceed, however, as your children’s lives might depend on it. Make no mistake, the facts are crystal clear: children and adults die or are permanently injured because of the lies of the anti-vaccination movement. If you care about your children and your loved ones, you will carefully investigate this issue.

Before I present you with links that lead you to the facts regarding vaccines, I want you to know a bit about why I take such a strong stance on this subject. Firstly, I am not, in any way, associated with any pharmaceutical company. My wife worked for a company many years ago which does have a pharmaceutical division, but it does not produce any vaccines. She also did not work for the pharmaceutical division. She worked in the division that produced research-grade reagents for biomedical research. She also quit that job in 1997.

Secondly, I am not tied to the “mainstream” view on any scientific issue. I am not only a creationist, but I am a young earth creationist. I also consider global warming to be the scientific hoax of the century; the ozone layer problem to be blown way out of proportion; the CFC ban to be misguided and bad for humanity; and the “save the rainforest” movement to be well-meaning but deluded. Obviously, then, I do not simply toe the “mainstream” line. I hold all of these positions for the same reasons I hold my vaccination position: My faith and the facts clearly point to the truth of those positions.

I was first introduced to the anti-vaccination movement by a biology student. I discuss how vaccines work in my biology course, and the student was one who had been deceived by the lies of the anti-vaccination movement. At the time, however, I knew nothing about the movement, so I was eager to look into the matter. After all, I could imagine that the “mainstream” scientific view of vaccines was wrong. Certainly a lot of “mainstream” ideas are wrong (evolution, global warming, etc.), so I was ready to believe that the “mainstream” view of vaccinations was wrong. Thus, I read the references that the student gave me (a few websites and Neil Miller’s book, Vaccines: Are They Really Safe And Effective?).

As I investigated this side of the vaccine issue, however, I became very disappointed. The materials she gave me demonstrated mostly the ignorance and deceit of the authors. Most of those in the anti-vaccination movement have little idea of how the human body or modern medical science works. Also, when they did reference the medical literature on the issue, they often lied about what it said.

Because well-meaning Christians have been fooled by the lies of the anti-vaccination movement, and because children and adults suffer and die when the anti-vaccination propagandists get their way, I consider it very important to educate those who have been fooled. Please investigate the links below. If you have been fooled by the anti-vaccination propagandists, you will be very surprised at what you read!

The Real Data Related to Vaccines

Vaccines are incredibly effective at preventing disease.

Vaccines are very safe.

The anti-vaccination movement kills and permanently injures children and adults.

Stories of individuals who suffered and even died because they were not vaccinated.

The data in support of vaccines are nothing like the “data” that supposedly support evolution.

The REAL side effects of vaccines.

A small list of the lies told by the anti-vaccination movement.

Links to reliable information on vaccinations.

Three Mothers’ Views

1) I received the following from a homeschooling mother. It shows what happens when people believe the lies of the anti-vaccination movement. She hopes that her experience will keep others from believing those same lies:

Thank you for your vaccine stance and research! I am a mother who had heard some “horror stories” and was wary of vaccines. As a result, my 3 year-old daughter (now 7) went deaf in one ear due to complications of chickenpox. I have since immunized my younger son (& dear daughter has been immunized against all other known diseases for which vaccines were appropriate)

2) Here is a message that a homeschooling mother wrote in hopes that it will help other mothers see how important it is to protect their children with vaccinations.

3) Here is a story of one woman’s struggle with the decision of whether or not to vaccinate. Fortunately for her children, she ended up making the right choice.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Wile is not a medical doctor. He is a nuclear chemist. As a result, he does not dispense medical advice. He simply educates the public about scientific issues. Please consult a board-certified medical doctor before making any medical decisions for yourself or your family.